SAW Welding Machines

Submerged-ARC Welding Machines, also known as SAW machines provide a convenient welding process that involves the formulation of an arc in a continuously fed electrode and the workpiece.  It works by covering a blanket of powdered flux generating a protective gas shield and a slag. It has also been used to add alloying Elements to the welding pool that protects the weld area.

D.H Enterprises introduces a premium range of SAW Welding machines. Our Saw Welding machines are made up of premium quality Mild Steel Material along with sturdy and enhanced Design.

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Saw Welding Machines


DH SAW Welding Machine 1000 AMPS

1000 Amps SAW Welding machine with the outer body made up of Epoxy powder. Ergonomic Body designed by an Exceptional team of Engineers. Output Current Capacity is 50 to 1000 which provides an 85% Efficiency rate. 160 kg of Machine weight along with a Capacity of 1000AMP. 

MZ 1000 Submerge ARC Welding Machine

MZ 1250 Submerge ARC Welding Machine

SAW 1250 Welding Machine

SAW Welding Machines